The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the United Nations and the global community in recognizing July 30 as World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. It is a day set aside for world citizens to raise awareness of the heinous crime of human trafficking and defending and protecting the rights of victims and their families.

Trafficking in persons is an international challenge impacting every corner of the globe in developed and developing countries, and in every society.  Every year, millions of people including children, women, men, refugees, internally displaced and stateless people fall into the hands of traffickers, lured by fake promises and deceit. Human trafficking has become a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise, affecting nearly every country in the world.

“On any given day, there are millions of people living in slavery around the world. No country is free of these challenges,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC’s Executive Director. “AHRC-USA stands firmly in solidarity with the victims of human trafficking, and calls on all governments, civil society, religious leaders, and individuals to continue to work together to eliminate modern day slavery.”

On the 2017 World Day against Trafficking in Persons, UNODC calls on all to ‘act to protect and assist trafficked persons’. This topic highlights one of the most pressing issues of our time — the largely mixed migration movements of refugees and migrants. The theme puts the spotlight on the significant impact of conflict and natural disasters, as well as the resultant, multiple risks of human trafficking that many people face. It addresses the key issue concerning trafficking responses: that most people are never identified as trafficking victims and therefore cannot access most of the assistance or protection provided.

AHRC-USA is asking people around the world to join UNODC in showing solidarity with victims of human trafficking. For more information about World Day Against Trafficking in Person, please visit the United Nations or to donate visit the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Human Trafficking ’24 hour’ crowd funding campaign.

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