In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,

Dear Friends,

I joined the American Human Rights Council (AHRC) from its inception because human rights are very dear to my heart. When I had to make a decision some twenty- five years ago to commit either to serving my faith, Islam, or joining Amnesty International, I chose working for God. I didn’t know that 25 years later I would be still serving God but also promoting human rights as well by joining a group of highly- qualified professionals who share the same passion as mine and start the American Human Rights Council (AHRC).

AHRC is working diligently to ensure that the human rights of all people, blacks, whites, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, Christians, the marginalized and impoverished, among others, are protected and that they have a voice in the community. We advocate so that everyone is treated equally under the law and with dignity regardless of color, ethnicity and/or religion.

I truly hope they you would join with us in the upcoming Semi-Annual Dinner on Friday, April 10 at Byblos. For more information and to donate, please visit:

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.


Imam Steve Mustapha Elturk, AHRC  Executive Board Member

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