The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins all peace loving people across the globe in condemning the latest terrorist attacks that recently targeted innocent people both in Lebanon and Turkey. This act of violence claimed huge numbers of innocent lives and left behind a high number of injured people, creating a state of fear and terror among civilians. AHRC-USA expresses its profound sympathy and condolences to the families who have lost loved ones and wishes all injured a speedy recovery in both countries.

AHRC-USA reiterates its firm position that these two hideous and horrific attacks in the village of Qaa, a predominantly Christian village in the Beqaa Valley of northeastern Lebanon near the border with Syria; and the attack on the Istanbul Ataturk airport in Turkey, the third busiest airport in Europe, are another painful reminder that terrorism is an enemy to our common humanity. These crimes affirm once again that terrorism recognizes no religion and no borders. It only recognizes hate, violence, extremism, and fear.

AHRC-USA stresses that these are crimes against humanity where no country and no nation are immune from this growing and rapidly spreading universal terror threatening the world’s peace and security. AHRC-USA affirms that regardless of the terrorist group who committed these crimes, whether it is The Islamic State (ISIS) or any other group, they are enemies to our shared world and our shared humanity and must be defeated. AHRC-USA calls for a solid and united international stand against this horrific violence and terror that requires effective strategic planning, to not only defeat terrorism and its impact, but to determine its roots to eliminate it.

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