The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) will join the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the Emirates Human Rights Association, UAE Embassy in Jordan, H.E. Akel Biltaji, Mayor of Amman Municipality, Tallal Abu-Ghazaleh & Co. International, IMC-UAE Medical Group, and HRB General Trading Group, in supporting refugee children through an art project championed by Dr. Samar Alshamsi.  Dr. Alshamsi will lead a delegation to visit with Syrian children refugees in the Al-Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan on August 29, 2016. This visit marks the second of its nature that Dr. Alshamsi will conduct as she visited the UAE Refugee Camp earlier this year.

 Dr. Alshamsi hopes that creative art and the art of  drawing  will help alleviate some of the suffering that Syrian refugee children have been enduring since they were displaced from their own homeland to Jordan and other neighboring countries seeking a safe-haven away from war and conflict.  In that regard, one of the hopeful goals of the program is  to provide these helpless children refugees a glimpse of hope amidst the darkness surrounding them. Dr. Alshamsi will provide each child with a copy of an educational art book with the hope that it may lift up their spirits and help them  express their happiness freely despite the challenges they face.

 Dr. Alshamsi is a citizen of UAE and a globally renowned Arab visual artist. Beside her own art work, she along with endorsing organizations will be hosting a special art reception and exhibition during this year in Jordan. The anticipated Art Exhibition Reception will include drawings made by the children themselves. The one-day event will feature an orchestra group and a documentary especially produced for this event highlighting the suffering of Syrian Refugees. The proceeds of this program will be fully allocated towards educating and caring for the refugee children in the Al-Zaatari Refugee Camp and the UAE Camp in Jordan.

  “All forms of human creativity, whether they take the form of visual arts or any other art, hold deep and effective messages to humanity. The important thing is for the artist to draw on these messages to address the world’s imperfections and shape artistic visions that influence the spectator. Through art, we can explore a constructive dialogue across cultures, faiths and civilizations. I think that all forms of art can achieve what politicians and the military have failed to achieve everywhere,” said Dr.  Alshamsi.

 “Art is one precious reflection of our common humanity. Art in service of humanity is noble. Putting a smile the face of a child refugee, homeless, or any other is very precious. AHRC is delighted to support this humanitarian effort on behalf of the Syrian children refugees,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC’s Executive Director. “Art is the ambassador of love that every person deserves, especially those less fortunate and those victimized by the trauma of wars and  conflict,” continued Hamad.

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