The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the world’s peace- loving community in observing Human Rights day today December 10. On this day we at AHRC thank our generous donors and supporters who make our work possible. You are champions of human rights.

On 1950, December 10 was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly as Human Rights day to help advance human rights across the globe. The day recognizes the birth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, rights that are owed to each and every human being regardless of their background. The Declaration became a common bond for all nations in the world voluntarily committing themselves to preserve, protect and respect human rights for human rights. Membership in the UN means acceptance of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

While there is much to celebrate regarding the historical progress on human rights, especially that of women who have made giant leaps of advancement, huge challenges remain. It is our challenge in the human rights community to work diligently and tirelessly to promote a culture of human rights that is diametrically opposed to the culture of hate, radicalization, extremism and terror. We wish for one day when the job of the human rights advocacy community is done with no victims of torture, injustices, racism, terror, hate and oppression. We are far from that day and our advocacy and our work depends on the generosity of our family of supporters who truly value human rights and the work we do promoting them. Today we are needed more than any other time in the past.

“I truly believe that humanity is our highest common denominator and regardless of our background, race, nationality, religion, etc., we are all brothers and sisters in humanity,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “Religious or secular, we all value human beings. I have no doubt that a culture of respect for human rights is a key tool in the fight against hate, radicalization and terrorism.” continued Hamad.

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