The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) wishes all American citizens a peaceful and safe Independence Day Holiday (July 4). Independence Day is a day to celebrate independence and the values the country stands for.

As we celebrate together, let us not forget that we live in a nation of immigrants from all over the world, and that we share a common goal of living a life of peace and prosperity. May this great holiday give us occasion to celebrate our rich traditions of diversity and tolerance, and serve as a day of reminder that we share common values and pride in our great country, where liberty, freedom, and justice will unite us all.

On this 4th of July we celebrate our independence without forgetting that our country has a moral obligation to stand for the freedom and equality of all the people in the US. We also need a foreign policy that reflects and promotes our values of promotion of democracy and respect for the human rights of all people.

AHRC salutes all the men and women of the law enforcement family across the nation who work tirelessly and around the clock to provide the security that enables all of us to celebrate.

“America’s soft power is its values,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “What unites all Americans is not descent or color, it is belief in the American Creed, American core values,” added Hamad. “Our domestic policy and foreign policy have to reflect these core values. This 4th of July let’s all commit to making that a reality,” concluded Hamad.

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