Politicians and candidates to political office are trying to change the United States’ narrative on refugees from being that of a welcoming country to that of a fearful country slamming its doors shut. Slamming our doors shut, leaving the refugees at the mercy of the very same people who we call terrorists, violates values that we hold dear as defining who we are and what we stand for. We should not surrender to the real and valid emotion of fear, a fear stoked by terrorists to blind us to human tragedy. It is immoral and unethical to scapegoat or to demonize fellow human beings that are escaping a very dangerous situation, risking life and limb, to make their families safe. Children, babies, women and men are merely seeking safe haven from one of the worst conflicts on earth today. Living without the constant fear of imminent death is a human right.

America does not surrender its policy to terrorists and fear mongers. Fear should not overcome us. We should overcome fear and be true to our values as defenders and promoters of human rights. The refugees should always be welcome.

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