[Michigan, May 21, 2021]: The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) welcomes the ceasefire reached in Palestine ending 11 days of massive bombing of the besieged and impoverished Gaza.

The past eleven days the world witnessed Israel‘s punishing attacks against Palestinians in Gaza that were designed to break the will of the Palestinians to resist Israel. The ceasefire is a first step in the right direction that requires the Biden administration and the international community to build on towards a genuine and lasting peace.

This last round of Israeli war against the Palestinians shows that the Palestine conflict cannot be dealt with by a policy of benign neglect by world powers, especially by the Biden administration. This conflict cannot be ignored because it is at the core of or a key contributing factor of many conflicts and crises around the world. It requires a just and lasting peace.

AHRC calls upon the Biden administration to seize the occasion and restore American engagement without the unconditional support of Israel that has resulted in the worsening and the prolonging of the conflict, in addition to avoidable deaths of Palestinians and Israelis.

AHRC calls upon the United Nations to hold Israel accountable for its violations of the laws of war and to provide immediate international protection for the Palestinians.

AHRC salutes and commends the members of Congress who worked hard to press for a cease-fire. AHRC echoes the community’s dismay with many others in Michigan who chose to stay silent despite the televised suffering of Palestinians and the genuine outpouring of support from citizens of all backgrounds.

“An astute observer once said the revolution will be televised, what we saw in Palestine modifies the saying into the violations of human rights leading up to genocide will be televised,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director.

“We urge everyone who spoke against the war, who demonstrated or protested or lobbied against the illegal war on the Palestinians, a war that takes different forms in Mandate Palestine, to continue their Palestine advocacy until the Palestinians receive their full political and human rights,” concluded Hamad.
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