In light of the drastic increase of bigoted and misinformed anti- Muslim rhetoric and Islamophobia that recently increased as a result of the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, AHRC urges the Arab and American community to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to the authorities. AHRC is deeply alarmed by the nature of public comments on the social media that are fanning the flames of hate against Arabs and Muslims. AHRC is most disheartened by the rising number of elected officials and candidates for political office who are shamelessly using the terrorist attacks for political gains by pandering to Islamophobia.

We at AHRC, along with countless fellow human beings around the globe, grieve for the victims and unequivocally condemn all terrorist attacks as crimes against humanity. However, condemnation of a whole demographic group based on faith or national origin only and casting the shadow of the blame on all based on guilt by association is immoral, unfair, and un-American. AHRC reaffirms its position that terrorism recognizes no religion, no nationality, no race and no borders. The threat requires our unity, division plays into the terrorists’ hands. Under no circumstances should we surrender our values and our moral code as a thoughtless reaction for the terrorism of a tiny minority.

AHRC recognizes that ignorance, hate and bigotry are our common enemies that always victimize the innocent and rarely the guilty. AHRC continues to urge members of the Arab and Muslim American communities to exercise caution and be vigilant. Advocates of hates continue to promote hatred against people of the Muslim faith in America and around the world. It is unfortunate that certain American US Media outlets are contributing to this intensification of Islamophobia against law- abiding citizens. AHRC salutes fellow Americans and elected officials who have offered their solidarity condemning any act of hate against any fellow citizen stressing that our unity as Americans.  AHRC salutes President Obama’s and candidate Hilary Clinton’s strong stand that America’s war is not with Islam but with those radicals and extremists who commit horrific crimes under all kinds of pretexts.

In this tense environment, AHRC commends the work of local, national, and federal law- enforcement agencies who have reached out to the community at large noting their readiness to act swiftly against any act of hate. We have full trust and confidence in law enforcement, especially the local police and the FBI. AHRC calls upon all members of the community to immediately notify authorities of any threats and not take matters into their own hands.

 “Unfortunately, again, the overwhelmingly law- abiding people in the Muslim and American communities find themselves at the mercy of the public’s reaction to the terrorist acts of a few individuals,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We urge politicians to think long and hard of the implications of the statements they make and the position that they make in these extraordinary times. When it comes to Islamophobia and hate crimes, the statements they make and the positions they take can make a huge difference,” said Hamad.


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