The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) urges the people of Michigan to abide by the state government’s instructions intended to protect the people of Michigan from the spread of COVID 19.

These are sensitive and challenging times for all of us. Public health is a group and individual responsibility. The rapid spread of the virus is reaching a very alarming level. It is not too late to help contain the virus and limit its spread among our communities. We owe it to our family, community, state and country.

The CORVID19 is not a political challenge and is a threat to all humanity- it does not respect city, county, state or national boundaries. It is true that the virus is deadlier to vulnerable population, the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, but this does not mean it does not infect everyone that comes into contact with it.

What makes social distancing and staying home crucial is also media reports of silent transmission of the virus. There are people are not aware that they have contacted the virus, show no symptoms and carry on with their lives unaware that they are spreading the virus to their friends and family. The asymptomatic show symptoms days after being infected. This is why social distancing is imperative.

AHRC salutes all the health care providers, medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others in the medical field who are putting their health and lives on the line for all of us. They are working hard around the clock and in many cases with severe shortages of medical equipment and other medical gear. These healthcare workers are true heroes that merit all forms of support.

AHRC commends all the law enforcement agencies and first responders at all levels. Those heroes are working tirelessly around the clock to assure the safety and the security of all of us. Through effective partnership with the law-enforcement agencies, together we can help advance the public health awareness and help those who are in dire need during these exceptionally challenging times. The community organizations should be a support system to the law enforcement agencies across Michigan and the nation.

The fight against CORVID19 is our common responsibility. It is not merely a healthcare providers and law enforcement concern. It’s not a political matter. It’s about our survival and our public health. AHRC hopes that all of us take this pandemic seriously.

AHRC is confident that through collaborative efforts, our state, our nation and the world will overcome this pandemic and defeat this invisible enemy of all.

“This is not the time for anyone to be cavalier,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “Staying home and practicing social distancing will literally save lives, if it’s not your life, it’s the lives of your loved ones and your neighbors, added Hamad.

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Humanity is fighting one of the biggest challenges- a pandemic. This is an epidemic that started in one country and spread throughout the world. In this fight the heroes are health care providers: physicians, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, and public health experts.
But they are not alone. Their success relies on the advocacy of non profit organization that engage in outreach and education and we are one of these organizations.
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