[Michigan, Feb. 18, 2021]: The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) commends Life for Relief & Development (LIFE) and Rahma Worldwide for their recent humanitarian effort in Lebanon responding to an urgent call for relief. The aid was provided to Syrian and Palestinian refugees residing at camps in the city of Tyre in South Lebanon, camps in dire need of medical aid.

Lebanon is facing one of the worst financial crises in its history. The government has limited resources to take care of its citizens and the more than a million of Palestinian and Syrian refugees. This has left the Palestinian refugees and the Syrian refugees dependent on foreign aid.

The corona virus knows no boundaries and it has spread in Lebanese cities, towns, as well as in camps set up for refugees. Due to the density of the population in refugee camps, the corona virus has been hard to contain. The aid provided by LIFE and RAHMA included medical equipment such as ventilators, oxygen tanks and other medical items to help treat those infected by the Covid virus, aid that helps mitigate the crisis.

AHRC urges all relief organizations, charities and foundations to extend aid to Lebanon. We urge all people of goodwill to donate to LIFE (www.lifeusa.org) and Rahma Worldwide (www.Rahmaww.org) and all other relief organizations that have been doing critical work in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Yemen and other countries where the need is dire.

“We are grateful to LIFE & Rahma and their teams for their prompt response to the call for urgently needed medical equipment,” said Dr. Wassel Sbeiti, a volunteer physician. “All levels of aid are needed and appreciated,” concluded Dr. Sbeiti.

AHRC salutes all volunteers who risk their own lives to help others, especially health care providers who volunteer their services during such trying times. We commend Dr. Wassel Sbeiti, our 2017 AHRC Awardee for his tireless work and dedication helping those in need and for his leadership assisting in this recent aid mission provided by LIFE and Rahma in Lebanon.

– Both Life & Rahma are Michigan based organizations.

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AHRC applauds Life for Relief and Rahma Worldwide

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