The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins the world community today (March 1, 2016) in observing the International Day of Zero Discrimination. This day is set aside every year to encourage global citizens to embrace diversity and inclusion and to stand in solidarity with marginalized communities that experience discrimination on a daily basis.
The global observance of the International Day of Zero Discrimination is lead by UNAIDS, the United Nations Agency working to reduce transmission of HIV/AIDS worldwide, increase access to lifesaving treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS, and eliminating stigma and discrimination that impact people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. This year, the theme for Zero Discrimination Day is Stand Out and encourages all global citizens to stand up for fairness and justice.
AHRC stands firm with all global citizens against discrimination and encourages everyone to Stand Up for equality, justice and fairness for all. AHRC believes that we are all united by our common humanity, and in order to protect and advance human rights for all we must end discrimination in all forms.

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