The American Human rights Council (AHRC-USA), joins the nation and Americans of all backgrounds in observing and celebrating Black History Month.

Black History Month reminds us of all the contributions and achievements of African Americans.  Black History Month, which begins on February 1 and ends on Feb 29, 2018, is a time to commemorate, recognize, highlight and celebrate the many achievements of African Americans. These achievements have enriched all society- indeed the whole world.  We celebrate our own humanity by recognizing inventions and contributions that have benefited all humanity.

In 2014, President Obama in his Presidential Proclamation honoring Black History Month stated, in part: “Americans have long celebrated our Nation as a beacon of liberty and opportunity —– home to patriots who threw off an empire, refuge to multitudes who fled oppression and despair. Yet we must also remember that while many came to our shores to pursue their own measure of freedom, hundreds of thousands arrived in chains. Through centuries of struggle, and through the toil of generations, African Americans have claimed rights long denied. During National African American History Month, we honor the men and women at the heart of this journey —– from engineers of the Underground Railroad to educators who answered a free people’s call for a free mind, from patriots who proved that valor knows no color to demonstrators who gathered on the battlefields of justice and marched our Nation toward a brighter day”

As to what every American can learn from the month, President Obama added: Every American can draw strength from the story of hard-won progress, which not only defines the African-American experience, but also lies at the heart of our Nation as a whole. This story affirms that freedom is a gift from God, but it must be secured by His people here on earth. It inspires a new generation of leaders, and it teaches us all that when we come together in common purpose, we can right the wrongs of history and make our world anew.”

AHRC draws inspiration and hope from the wise words of former President Obama. During these challenging times, when the nation is enduring divisive rhetoric, the Muslim ban and the Wall with Mexico, the story of the struggle and achievements of African Americans continue to provide the hope and the inspiration to continue to work on realizing the promises of the Declaration of Independence for everyone.

“Black History Month is a great opportunity to learn about and honor the many contributions, in science and other fields, of our Black American brothers and sisters in humanity,”  said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director.

“The names of African American inventors and scientists should be as recognized as those of the names of African American civil rights champions,” said Dr. Opada Alzohaili, AHRC Board’s President.

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