[Michigan, July 6, 2023]:

AHRC Condemns Israeli Assault on Jenin Camp:
The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) joins all peace-loving people and the international community in condemning the latest massive air and ground military attack against the Jenin Refugee Camp in the occupied Palestinian West Bank.

This Israeli assault destroyed more than eighty percent of the camp, displacing thousands of Palestinians, including, women and children leaving them with no shelter. Refugees became refugees again.

The latest Israeli assault against the occupied Palestinians in Jenin Camp comes amidst the desperate efforts of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu and his far-right government to deflect attention from the internal crisis they face regarding domestic politics as to the Israeli judiciary.

Israel has inflicted massive destruction on the camp. Fourteen thousand Palestinians live in less than half a square kilometer. They are refugees from the previous Israeli wars on the Palestinian people. At least one hundred Palestinians have been injured and twelve killed. The Israelis have callously turned the camp into rubble.

AHRC calls on the Biden administration to have a morally consistent foreign policy. The US did not hesitate to support Ukraine but refuses to provide any assistance to the Palestinians that would help end the Israeli occupation. US statements using “rebuke” and “deeply troubled” will not end the occupation, especially given the billions of dollars of annual assistance and the ever-ready US veto at the Security Council that protects Israel from the consequences of its aggression. The US has used its veto forty-two times against resolutions holding Israel accountable for its actions.

The UN created Israel with a General Assembly vote that partitioned mandatory Palestinian into a Palestinian state and a Jewish state. The UN has not lived up to its responsibility on Palestine. All UN members are bound by the UN Charter and must comply with its resolutions. For decades, Israel has been refusing to implement UN resolutions. This sense of impunity emboldens Israel to continue to violate international law and UN resolutions.

“The conflict will end today and there would be justice for the Palestinians if the US wills it,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. ‘As long as US policy on Palestine continues to fly morally rudderless, we will continue to see Israeli aggression against the Palestinians continue unabated and all forms of Palestinian resistance continue,” added Hamad.
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