No one doubts that the year 2022 brought tremendous challenges to the nation and the rest of the world. Indeed, the year 2022 was a remarkably busy year for AHRC. Despite the challenges, AHRC managed in 2022 to spearhead initiatives that focused on advancing awareness, education and building relationships and partnerships with governmental and non-governmental entities.

Our success is owed to our friends and supporters, they make us able to advance our mission. With the support we received, we were able to help countless people and our weekly public awareness campaign through E-Cast the AHRC News & Views reached thousands. We are ready for the challenges and opportunities of 2023. We will continue to advance the cause of human rights.

We are extremely optimistic that despite the challenges we will continue to make a difference. We will continue our work serving this cause at home and abroad. We know our world has so many problems. But human rights advocacy is not for the pessimistic and the easily discouraged.

Success is not measured by money. It is measured by the positive difference one makes in the world and the friends one has. Our commitment to our mission and the generosity of our friends motivates us to stay on the course despite all the challenges.

We hope that 2023 will be a good year for everyone. May you and your loved ones achieve all that you wish for in 2023.
Dr. Saleh Muslah, AHRC Board President

Give AHRC your Year-End Gift.
As you consider year-end charitable contributions, we hope that you give AHRC a donation.
No amount is too small, and every amount is significant. With our limited resources, we at the AHRC have struggled to overcome the dire economic conditions that have plagued our country.

We are confident that with your support we will continue to rise above these challenges and maintain the many programs, initiatives, advocacy, and services that have truly made a difference and impacted our communities. We will always commit to our mission of protecting human rights, human dignity, human respect, upholding justice, and protecting American values.

AHRC is grateful and humbly honored by the confidence and unwavering support that we have received through the years. Please donate today via AHRC Website ( It is safe and secured by PayPal.

Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

AHRC Mission:
The American Human Rights Council (AHRC) is dedicated to defending and protecting human rights as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and the United Nations 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The AHRC was formed to protect these rights and advocate for anyone whose rights are being violated or denied. To that end, the AHRC will build a tenacious, objective, and carefully guided advocacy program that will serve to defend individual human rights, whenever and wherever they are being infringed upon
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