The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) expresses its profound disappointment regarding the recent declaration of an anticipated signing of a peace treaty at the White House between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel.

The stated goal of this treaty between the UAE and Israel is normalizing their relations. We believe this treaty, just like other Arab peace treaties with Israel, will not bring normal relations between Israel and the UAE. It would be another cold peace that does not get the region closer to real peace. The Arab people will continue to reject any normalization with a country that oppresses Palestinians, occupies Jerusalem and denies the refugees the right of return.

The Arab Peace Initiative that the UAE was part of set certain conditions on normalization with Israel, including the creation of a Palestinian state along the pre 1967 war lines. Israel has not made any moves toward the creation of a viable Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. There is no just resolution for the refugees. We see it as counter-productive that the UAE has moved away from the Arab consensus that it was part of.

AHRC strongly supports a peaceful resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict on the basis of international law and UN resolutions. We believe that these separate agreements are motivated by short sighted political expediency that hurts the chances of a real peace. We foresee that Prime Minister Netanyahu will use this agreement to his political advantage and continue on a path that makes the chances of real peace more remote by the day.

“Another cold peace is added to a string of cold peace agreements that Israel has signed with a number of Arab states,” said Imad Hamad, AHRC Executive Director. “We are farther today from a real Arab-Israeli peace than we have ever been before,” concluded Hamad.

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