The American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) is troubled by reports of a rise in incidents of discrimination against members of national groups on the basis of fear of the Corona virus. There is no excuse for discrimination against any group on the basis of a viral disease that can infect anyone.

THE American Human Rights Council (AHRC-USA) affirms the importance of education on how the Corona virus spreads and what steps to take to minimize risk of infection.

AHRC urges all not to treat the Coronavirus spread lightly and be prepared for any possibility. This is not to suggest panic and fear. We salute Governor Gretchen for the measures she has taken to prepare the state for a possible spread of the virus. These measures include activating the state Emergency Operations Center. The State of Michigan also has a website with useful information and useful links on the virus and prevention. Factsheets are in English, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. The website is

AHRC urges the public to obtain updates related to the spread of the Corona Virus in the US and the world through trusted and government sources such as Michigan’s and the CDC website (Center for Disease Control),

The concern over the Corona virus is global. In assuring the campus community, the President of the American University of Beirut stated: “The novel coronavirus COVID-19 comes from a family of viruses that include the common cold, and the vast majority of people infected will experience nothing worse than cold symptoms, if that. The concern is that older people, and people with heart or lung conditions, or diabetes, can become seriously ill or even die after being infected. It is also highly contagious, which accounts for the rapid spread from the original source of the outbreak in China.”

“Concern about the virus cannot excuse discrimination against any group on the base of nationality or national origin,” said Imad Hamad AHRC Executive Director.

9 Ways to Avoid Panicking About Current Events
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Keep in mind the following basic steps:
The Coronavirus (officially called “2019-Novel Coronavirus” or “COVID-19”) in the news. While the immediate health risk remains low to Americans and there isn’t a vaccine yet, there are still ways that you can help prevent the spread of this virus.

To prevent the spread of this illness or other illnesses, including the flu:
• Wash your hands often with soap and water,
• Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze,
• Stay home when you’re sick, and
• See your doctor if you think you’re ill.

Visit The Centers for Disease Control website for more information on the Coronavirus, including what you should know about symptoms, treatments, testing, and other frequently asked questions.

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