On Monday February 22, 2016, AHRC’s Executive Director Imad Hamad was a guest at the 910 Word Network Radio Talk-Show in Southfield, Michigan. The show was hosted by former Detroit Police Chief Mr. Ralph Godbee in a live discussion regarding the state of human rights and related issues in Michigan. Among other issues, AHRC reiterated its strong position that water, health and education are basic human rights which must be preserved, respected and advanced. These basic rights must be provided to people equally and should not be limited to those who can afford it.
AHRC highlighted the current water crisis in Flint, Michigan and its serious health impact on Flint’s residents, particularly children. AHRC calls for a transparent review and assessment that will hold those responsible for their actions. AHRC saluted all fellow citizens and charities that acted promptly and donated water to the people of Flint.
AHRC also discussed the rising and rapidly growing crisis within the Detroit Public Schools compromising the human right to education for our children. AHRC expressed support for the teachers and demanded the restoration of the elected board of education for the Detroit Public Schools.
In addition, AHRC highlighted the ongoing issue of hazardous, toxic and radioactive waste being spread and stored in poor and underserved areas of the greater Detroit area and demanded that officials take a serious look at its impact on the health of the public. Mr. Hamad shed light on the AHRC and its different initiatives serving the cause of human rights and promoting the culture of human dignity and human respect.

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